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Traditional Kitchens

Design Elements That Define Traditional-Style Kitchens

Traditional-style kitchens are sophisticated and classic. Traditional design incorporates architectural features from the European Old World countries, Mexico and colonial America. Elegant craftsmanship, embellishments and refined details are important. 

Furniture-Style Cabinets

Cabinets are the most prominent element in a kitchen and define the style. Furniture-style cabinets are used in Traditional-style kitchens. Cabinets may have mortise and tenon or mitered door panels, glass door inserts, applied moldings, carved trims and corbels or wood appliqué embellishments. Stain and paint finishes are rich in both color and texture.

Stone or Quartz ountertops

Natural stone or more recently quartz countertops are used in Traditional-style kitchens. Popular stone countertops include granite, marble and soapstone. The edging of the stone adds an important element to the room.

Distinctive Look Hardware

Cabinet hardware gives a Traditional-style kitchen a distinctive look. There is no rule of thumb. Hardware can be uniform throughout or matched to cabinetry for example, using glass knobs to accentuate a cabinet door with a glass insert. 

Stylish Light Fixtures

Kitchen lighting is both practical and aesthetic and can set the mood. There are many light fixtures that will add to the style of a traditional kitchen. The shape and type of shade used on a fixture are important details as is placement. Lighting should be planned strategically to illuminate work areas, provide general lighting and add ambiance.

Elegant Molding and Trim

Molding, trim and appliqués are essential details in a Traditional-style kitchen. Molding includes ceiling, cabinet, window and door and floor trim used in the room. Molding strips can be combined to create an elegant look. 

Tile That Accents Cabinets and Appliances

Tile in a kitchen can be practical but it can also be a personal design statement. Tile is a focal point in a Traditional-style kitchen and accents cabinets with matching appliances make up the design of the kitchen. 

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