Budget-Friendly Kitchen Splashbacks

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The splashback is a kitchen essential, being a major feature and also protecting the wall against cooking splashes, steam and water.  It can be tricky to find the perfect splashback, especially if you’re working to a budget.  If your budget’s on your mind, don’t worry!  There are some budget friendly splashbacks that look just as good as the expensive, top of the range models.

Tiles – Best Choice

If you’re watching your pennies but want an effective, good looking splashback, you can’t go past tiles.  Tiles are still one of the most popular splashbacks for the simple fact that they look good and you can create them for just a few hundred dollars if not less.  Tiles come in different sizes from small mosaic tiles through to large format tiles and they come in different finishes from matte to high gloss and even metallic. 

Kitchen Transformations Perth

Paint is a Cost-Effective

You might think that paint is a somewhat unoriginal choice but that’s not the case at all.  You can create some truly excellent splashbacks with nothing more than a tin of paint and a brush or roller!  Chalkboard paint will look magnificent and you’ll have a great space to write down reminders, messages, shopping list and recipes, or even just to draw pictures as the mood strikes you.

Acrylic Splashbacks Imitate Glass

If you love the look of glass splashbacks but they’re way out of your budget, you can get the look at a fraction of the cost by using an acrylic splashback such as one made from Perspex.  Acrylic splashbacks are about a third the cost of glass but they look just as good.  Just paint the wall behind in the colour of your choice and install the acrylic panel over the top!

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