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Shaker Kitchens

Simple & stylish kitchen design

The Shaker style first commenced in the 1700’s in the US and has always been popular throughout kitchens worldwide.  It is a classic contemporary style combining a mix of modern whilst still providing the classic elegance. The recessed panel adds to the quality and charm and topped with Lancelot Oak Duropal benchtops and subway tiles looks so complete.

Shaker style kitchens are timeless, and very popular in cities like Melbourne where there are so many older homes particularly suited to this classic look.

But the truth is that a shaker kitchen works in just about any kitchen design – from modern and contemporary to the more traditional Hamptons or provincial you’d normally associate with these wonderful looking cabinet doors.

Elegance, simplicity and versatility are key to the enduring success of shaker cabinets, which were first popularised by an obscure religious sect in the late 1700s.

More than two centuries on the look might remain largely the same, but advances in technology have transformed the variety of finishes and colours.

what is a shaker style kitchen?

A shaker style kitchen is typically one that has cabinets and doors with recessed panels – a framed profile sometimes referred to as “rail and stile”. The shaker door was traditionally made with a 5-piece door front, two rails, two stiles and a central panel. It was strong and there was little wasted timber.It’s a style that’s unpretentious and repetitive, and continues to be highly sought-after in a variety of designs.

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