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Modern Kitchens

for a timeless kitchen design

Many people come in asking for a modern kitchen, but what exactly does a modern kitchen look like?

Flat panel doors

This is a signature element of modern kitchen design. This creates a sleek look which is what the modern design is all about.

Frameless cabinet construction

When you look at the cabinet, all you see are the doors, the cabinet box is not visible which is the case in many traditional kitchens. Using these cabinets also allows you to have the exact same spacing between all cabinets and drawers.

Industrial elements

There are many industrial elements that can be found in modern kitchens. Things such as concrete walls, floors or benchtops can really complete the look in a modern kitchen.

Use of horizontal lines

It may not be obvious at first, but when you look more closely at a modern kitchen you will see that they usually tend towards the use of horizontal lines. Whether it’s drawers in a row, handles or grooves, they usually are placed in a line horizontally.

Lack of ornamentation

In a modern kitchen you won’t see patterned tiles, different shapes or multiple materials and textures. The splashback is often glass to tie in with the sleek look.

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