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Western Australian made kitchen from as little as $10,000

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

budget kitchen renovation

At Kitchen Transformations Perth we provide Perth DIY flat pack kitchens and the opportunity to buy at Lowest Pricesor get a fully assembled and fully installed complete kitchens right here in Perth. 

Kitchen Transformations Perth supplies fully-assembled complete kitchens, bathrooms and laundries requiring less installation time at your end.  We know this is important as kitchen renovations are one of the biggest stresses in home renovations.  Therefore, the quickest and easiest solution to get your kitchen back up and running is our priority.

We pride ourselves on our one on one personal design and customer service given to our customers, ensuring everyone is offered high quality, guaranteed lowest prices.

Where is the catch? But we can assure you, there isn’t one. We simply have a superior system.  We use the notion of ‘economies of scale’. This means that we can buy in bulk to make a quality kitchen.  This method saves us on shipping costs, and allows us to streamline our installations and packing methods right here in Perth.

Kitchen Transformations Perth
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